Weeknotes for 10th January 2020

I want to give this #weeknotes thing a go in 2020. Be good to keep track of stuff I’m doing and be open about what I’m working on. Will most likely be quite short, not a big writer with being dyslexic and that. Hopefully by starting with weeknotes I can build my confidence as a writer and do some longer form stuff in the future.

I presented some of stuff we have been working on for NHS Jobs Search this week. Good to have done my first show and tell with the new team/job. Was quite nervous even though I have done show and tells a million times before.

I talked about accessibility this week. Doing some blogs for work with others about it, what is it and how we at Difrent work it into everything we do.

I plan to write more blog posts this year about everything, work, accessibility, music and other stuff I enjoy and want to share with others.

I brought a guitar. First guitar I have brought in 3 years. Good to have a creative outlet and get back into playing music and pretending I’m a rock n roll star.

I am going to make more time for friends this year. Feel like I did a really bad job of seeing people which moved away last year. Already setting up some nights out and chats with people I have not seen in years.

I created one of my monthly playlists. I have been doing this for a few months now. Keeping tracking of what I’m listening to and such.

I am listening to Something By The Beatles. One of the best George Harrison songs. Fun fact: It was the first Harrison track to be an A Side on a Beatles single. (The b Side was Come together. Maybe it was the wrong choice as an A side)