Weeknotes for 17th January 2020

I did a lot of sketching this week. Nice to get away form the machine and coding for a bit and just doddle some rough ideas down on paper.

I watched some really good UR sessions this week. Good to see the stuff getting tested with users and gaining feedback. The cycle never stops but that’s a good thing!

I read this article about using the word ‘my’ in interfaces. Interesting stuff. Applies to some of the stuff I’m working on right now like ‘My saved jobs’ and other bits

I had a really good workshop with the rest of the team around pay bands and other stuff. What type of user would use them to search for a job and just generally how banding works within the NHS.

I plan to start meditating again. Used to really help with my mind stuff and keeping stuff in order. Using headspace to try and kick start that again. Half an hour on the morning.

I saw FONTAINES D.C. last weekend. Dead good. Loud. Shouty. Meaning behind the words. Class all round.

I am listening to The Bright Lights EP By Gary Clark Jr. I feel like I’m proper late to the party with this dude. Amazing guitarist and if you know me you know I love everything with fuzz pedal.