Weeknotes for 24th January 2020

I created a prototype for something I don’t fully understand yet. Sometimes talking around in circles about things isn’t best way of doing it. getting an idea in front of users which your unsure about is better.

I did an accessibility checklist session with one of the other teams which work for difrent. Really glad I have the opportunity to share my knowledge of these things with the wider company and hopefully benefit the end users of that service in the process.

I had a short week. Took Friday off to do some me stuff and chill out a bit. Play some guitar do some recording and that.

I found my old monitor. Been setting up my home office/studio. Wanted to do this when I moved in years ago but never did. Want to have an area in my flat for doing work stuff and also music stuff.

I plan to start meditating again. Used to really help with my mind stuff and keeping stuff in order. Using headspace to try and kick start that again. Half an hour on the morning.

I did not do a very good starting meditation. I told myself I would and I only managed to do it twice, which were maybe the best days of this week. Need to be better at doing it. Going to put time in my calendar aside everyday to help me not forget.

I went bowling with the team, good team building blah blah blah. Had a good time. Great team working on the project. Strong personality and I like that.

I played a lot of guitar this week. A bit rusty but It’s like riding a bike and its all slowly coming back to me. Im not the next Van Halen like.

I am listening to Let’s Rock by The Black Keys. Totally passed on this last year when it was released. Full of tunes and riff rock goodness. Listening to a lot of the Black Keys lately.