Weeknotes for 30th January 2020

I have done weeknotes for 4 weeks now. Do I get a medal or something? Seriously enjoying doing it and I’m going to keep it up (unlike the meditation)

I had a workshop around the thing I didn’t understand last week. Still a bit confused about it but we have something to start with and get in front of people

I took a step back from one of the things I was working on last week, we looked at it as wider team and made some changes on the fly

I went to an away day. Good to look at what we have done in the past and what is coming in the future and how much the team has grown in the years it’s been running.

I started twriting a talk. More so blowing dust off a talk from a few years ago and updating it to be more relevant. I’m talking about accessibility next Friday in Coventry as part of services week. You should come and say hello if your around!

I booked to see a few bands today! Really excited. More gigs this year than last for sure.

I am seeing one of my best mates this weekend. I have not seen them in ages. Going to be a fun night in the toon.

I am listening to One Touch By LCD Soundsystem. What a bloody tune!