Weeknotes for 7th February 2020

I don’t like Mondays and that’s okay. It’s not every Monday like I mainly did that for the Bob Geldof reference, Sometimes one day or a few days are not sunshine and rainbows. Rest of the week was better

I had a really good retro and sprint planning! The madetech crew are awesome and we can have a laugh and also challenge the right things!

I wake up tired. Some days I wake up tired like not physically tired but mentally tired. January was one of those months. The rest of the year is looking bright. It’s always darkest before the dawn and that.

I brought a new lamp. My living room was really dark and the big light is awful so I brought myself a new lamp. T K Max is the best.

I talked about a11y in front of a bunch of people Iv never met. I actually get quite nervous at these things. Do I know what I’m on about? Why should they listen to? But it was great! Everyone laughed and learned some new stuff about accessibility and why it’s so important

I am listening to Youth and Young Manhood by Kings of Leon. Classic indie rock. Started a new band recently want to get that classic indie rock sound so listening to lots of early 2000 indie at the mo.