Weeknotes for 14th February 2020

I did a few days in the prototype kit with our content designer moving stuff around and changing stuff based on user feedback. feels like its been awhile since we did that.

I have been blocked on a few things this week, stuff not moving as fast as we want it too but something thats just the nature of the beast.

I had a good workshop around Salary and Pro rata and how we handle these in the NHS jobs search.

I went out a lot of this week. Good to catch up with old friends and make some new ones over a nice cold pint (non alcoholic options are available)

I talked about a11y in front of a bunch of people Iv never met. I actually get quite nervous at these things. Do I know what I’m on about? Why should they listen to me? But it was great! Everyone laughed and learned some new stuff about accessibility and why it’s so important

I am listening to Love, Death & Dancing Vol 1 by Jack Garratt. Yes him! He’s finally back after a mega first album he’s back from a 5 year break and produced some proper mint tunes