Weeknotes for 21th February 2020

I haven’t had a very good mental health week, worrying about lots of stupid stuff. Need to put myself first more. Look after myself and my mind.

I had bloody lots of meeting. Like 3 days of just meeting! Some were useful other were not so useful. have goals in place for ya meeting people. Nothing worse than sitting in a meeting with no goal at the end.

I don’t know if I am going to keep up these weeks notes. I keep totally forgetting about it and writing it dead last minute. I have some ideas for longer form stuff

I am hopefully going to start working on some new stuff soon. The stuff I have been working on is starting to slow down. So hopefully be picking up some new stuff soon.

I ran a lot this week. Did 4 short runs instead of 2 long ones. Felt good. My Ankle still hurts a lot from when I turned it last year.

I went to see black midi and also had a team night out. Good people. Good music. Very loud, saxophone solos and that.

I am listening to The Slow Rush by Tame Impala. Not the best thing Kevin Parker has ever made but a few pretty good tunes on it.