Weeknotes for 21th February 2020

I was pretty ill at the start of this week so I was off for a couple of days to try and recover and refresh. sometimes I do this thing where I just let things build build in my mind until it makes me physically sick. better now I think.

I need to stop saying yes to everything. It’s got me this far but I think if I need doing it I will do insane.

I started fixing up my personal site so I can put my weeknotes and that on there. Im using Jekyll and Github Pages again. enjoying redesigning and rebranding or whatever

I am seeing some good friends tonight and i’m looking forward to it.

I had a weird month, February was full of ups and downs. Just keep moving, keep going. 2020 is still new lots of time yet.

I am playing some shows with my friends band at the end of march, When I have more details I’ll drop them in here for you lot.

I am listening to Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem. this song still carries a lot of emotional weight for me, I think I’d just discovered LCD when my grandfather passed and I relate this song heavy to that moment. but damn its a tune