Weeknotes for 5th March 2020

I was going to write a blog post about working for difrent for three months this week. I didn’t have time BUT I will next week I promise.

I had one of the better mental health weeks I have had in a while this week. Things are starting to make sense and I feel commutable in my own shoes again.

I finished work on my bit of the jobs service a few sprints back so stuff is a bit slow at the moment. Blah blah blah its never finished. Moving onto something new soon. should be good.

I got a new tattoo last week and I’m totally in love with it! Massive thanks to Gavin Lyons for doing some amazing work which will last forever! Getting one next thursday too. Exciting.

I made a new friend this week, hi Chris Armstrong! Went out for some sweet sherry together twice this week. Good laugh both times. Did I mention my team is dead canny

I went to a lot of bars this week. Maybe I should slow down? Maybe I should enjoy myself while Im still young. 30 is coming and I can almost see it. Live Fast and all that bullshit.

I am listening to True Love Waits by Radiohead. What can I say? Emotion rollercoaster init. Thom Yorke is amazing and you can hear the emotion in his voice singing this.