Weeknotes for 13th March 2020

I still haven’t written that long form blog about 3 months at the new job with difrent. I just keep forgetting to writing it.

I am working from home now for however long that lasts. Things got a bit weird quick right? I was in the pub last Friday and now everything is basically closed. Stay safe.

I don’t really like working from home that much. One day a week is pretty good because it allows you to decompress and think about the week you just had. A full week is a much much.

I created this silly corona virus lockdown playlist whilst I was bored the other night. Enjoy it, you can add songs and everything!

I brought a Behringer RD-8 Rhythm Designer. Going full Prince whilst this social distancing thing continues. Expect some weird beats by me coming out soon ish

I also brought a desk chair. My old dining room chair isn’t comfy enough for a full day working from it

I am listening to Don’t Stand So Close to me by The Police, yes yes coronavirus joke etc.