Most days in lockdown

7.10 : alarm, snooze for 20 minutes.

7.30 : get up, shower.

7:40 : coffee and toast.

7:50 : 15 minute walk around the park near my flat, it was a run but Iv hurt my knee.

8:00: more coffee.

8:30: start work, normally finishing stuff up from yesterday and checking my list for today.

9:00: start on whatever is top of my list.

10:00: stand up, use list to tell what I did yesterday and what I do doing today. ( I lost track of what day is it like 3 weeks ago, its just 1 2 3 4 5)

10:30: continue with task or start a new task from the list.

11:00: third cup of coffee.

11:30: push something to github, remember small and often commits kids!

12:00 : lunch

12:10: eat something and watch some stuff on YouTube, lots of stuff about building pedal boards at the moment, this guy is cool.

13:00: back to work, next thing on the list. The afternoon normally fly by.

14:30: normally some meeting in at 2 or 3 o clock

15:00: start adding to the list for tomorrow

15:30: cuppa, 1 milk, 2 sugars

16:30 finish for the day, turn off slack on my phone, need to disconnect from work outside of work hours

17:00: do some music stuff, iv been writing A LOT of stuff at the moment, will I ever finish any of it? Will I ever release? Probably not

18:00: go for a walk. Good 40 min walk round the park, its starting to lose some of its wonder now, it isn’t as big as seems.

18:40: cook something, put something on the record player Last night was Sharon Van Etten — Remind Me Tomorrow, wonder what will be on tonight.

19:30: eat, watch some Netflix.

19:50: cuppa tea

20:00: call of duty with my best mate for a bit, only person Iv really been talking to everyday outside of work.

21:00 bit of animal crossing on the switch before bed.

22:00: go to bed.

00:00: still awake. Sleep is weird at the moment.

01:00: sleep

P.S. Im not doing weeknotes anymore until lockdown is over because all the days are the same.